Ghost Gun

What Is A ‘Ghost Gun’?

The term ‘ghost gun’ is used to describe any homemade firearm produced by an individual, without a serial number or manufacturer markings.

Firearm safety is no accident book cover

Firearm Safety Is No Accident

-By Ryan Cleckner A BOOK ON CHILDRENS FIREARM SAFETY Table of Contents Firearm safety has always been big in the hunting and competition communities. Even

rifle weight

The Right Rifle Weight

WHAT IS THE PERFECT RIFLE WEIGHT? Table of Contents WHY DOES RIFLE WEIGHT MATTER? Your rifle weight can ruin a hunting trip or a trip

carp fishing

Budget Carp Fishing

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Remington 700 build long range hunting rifle

Remington 700 Build

REMINGTON 700 BUILD Table of Contents LONG RANGE HUNTING RIFLE After finding out New York allows rifle hunting for deer, I decided it was time