Beginner Rifles For All Ages

We have highlighted everything from single shot break actions to the semi-automatic 10/22. There should be something here to fit just about any new shooter and let them learn safety and practice the sport.

Ghost Gun

What Is A ‘Ghost Gun’?

The term ‘ghost gun’ is used to describe any homemade firearm produced by an individual, without a serial number or manufacturer markings.

Firearm safety is no accident book cover

Firearm Safety Is No Accident

-By Ryan Cleckner A BOOK ON CHILDRENS FIREARM SAFETY Table of Contents Firearm safety has always been big in the hunting and competition communities. Even

rifle weight

The Right Rifle Weight

WHAT IS THE PERFECT RIFLE WEIGHT? Table of Contents WHY DOES RIFLE WEIGHT MATTER? Your rifle weight can ruin a hunting trip or a trip

carp fishing

Budget Carp Fishing

BEST BUDGET CARP FISHING GEAR FOR BEGINNERS All The Gear You Need To Get Started Carp FishingWithout Wasting Money A lot of people getting into

ugly stik gx2 handle

Ugly Stik Gx2 Rods

UGLY STIK GX2 REVIEW Table of Contents I started fishing with the original Ugly Stik in my late teen years. A friend had an ultra-light

Remington 700 build long range hunting rifle

Remington 700 Build

REMINGTON 700 BUILD Table of Contents LONG RANGE HUNTING RIFLE After finding out New York allows rifle hunting for deer, I decided it was time

triggertech primary trigger black side view

TriggerTech Primary

10 THINGS BEFORE YOU BUY This TriggerTech Primary trigger breakdown will tell you what sets this trigger apart from the competition. There are plenty aftermarket

CVLIFE Scope Review


CVLIFE SCOPE REVIEW | 6-24x50mm Great scope for those looking for something packed with features for a budget-friendly price. The CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope