How to Get Your Girl Into Guns

Let’s be honest — most gun owners want to get their partners and friends into guns. Not only will you ...
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Beginner Rifles For All Ages

People become interested in firearms at different ages. Some of us are shooting BB guns at 5 years old while ...
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The Right Age To Learn About Guns

With over 300 million guns in the United States alone, we have to ask ourselves when the right time is ...
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Ghost Gun

What Is A ‘Ghost Gun’?

The term ‘ghost gun’ is used to describe any homemade firearm produced by an individual, without a serial number or ...
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Firearm safety is no accident book cover

Firearm Safety Is No Accident

-By Ryan Cleckner A BOOK ON CHILDRENS FIREARM SAFETY Table of Contents Firearm safety has always been big in the ...
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rifle weight


WHY DOES RIFLE WEIGHT MATTER? Your rifle weight can ruin a hunting trip or a trip to the range. Just ...
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