20-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit


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The Pew Pew Survival 550 Paracord Survival Kit Features:

25 essential survival tools in its compact design, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This kit is easy to carry on your person or store it in a vehicle or backpack.

The blaze orange color of the paracord is great for emergency signaling and if the kit is dropped in the woods the color is a great contrast to the natural environment making it easy to find.

Here is a list of the items included and an example of how each item may be used in a survival situation:

1x fire starter rod
The ferro rod included with this kit provides a quick and easy way to start a fire in any survival situation. Creates sparks at over 5,000º F to ignite quickly in any weather.

1x knife blade 
Blade allows you to cut the paracord. Great to use on the ferro rod to create sparks as well.

1x Needle
Can be used for sewing and stitching fabric or canvas material. The inner cords of the paracord make great thread.

1x Cotton ball
When kept dry, this is about the best fire starter you can find. Combined with the ferro rod, you can have a roaring fire in no time at all.

1x Aluminum foil
Great for signalling or making nice shiny lures while fishing.

2x Alcohol pads
Alcohol pads are great additions to survival kits. Used for sterilizing woulds as well as essential items.

2x Band-aids
Band aids can be used to cover up and keep a small cut, wound, or blister clean.

2x  Fishing hooks
The fishing hooks in this kit offer an easy way to catch fish making your hunt for food that much easier.

2x Weights
The weights are used in combination with the fishing line and hooks. Attach the weight to the fishing line and this allows your fishing line, hooks, and bait to stay below the water.

1x Mini Flashlight
Before using the flashlight twist it open and take out the plastic divider between the battery and the contact plate. The plastic piece does not allow the light to turn on that ensures the battery will be fresh and ready to use during a survival situation. This can be used as an emergency signaling light in a survival situation.

2x Stainless Steel Swivels
Swivels are used for fishing. You take a small section of the fishing line about 6 to 8 inches and tie one end of the line to the swivel and one end to a fishing hook. Then take the rest of your line and tie it to the other end of the swivel. Swivels allow the fishing line to twist and move more freely. The use of a swivel while fishing helps to prevent tangles.

2x Floats
Floats can be attached to the fishing line and keep the bait floating below the water at a specific desired level. If you watch the floats you will see then dip underwater when a fish takes the bait and is on the hook.

1x Fishing Line (15 feet) 
Fishing line has many survival uses besides fishing. It can be used in combination with the needle that is included for sewing repairs. It can also be used for tying down tarps to create a shelter.

1x Emergency Safety Whistle 
A survival whistle is a must have in any survival kit. The whistle included can be heard from a long distance away and can be great for signaling help. The common whistle signal used for signaling help is three short consecutive bursts blown through the whistle.

11 – in – 1 Multi Tool Survival Card “Survival Credit Card”
-Can opener: Open tin or canned foods easily and safely
-Sharp edge: sharp enough to cut through rope or whatever you may need
-Screwdriver Tip: Corner of the card easily used in any type of screw head
-Ruler: Easy quick measurements with cm and mm measurements
-4 position wrench: 4 different sizes allows for easy use on various nut heads
-Butterfly wrench: great for working in small spaces
-Sawblade: Easily and safely cut rope or wood
-Direction ancillary indication: Used in combination with a compass to find orientation and direction
-2 position wrench: Works well for different sized bolts and screws
-Lanyard hole: Easily attach paracord or rope to make a carrying or neck lanyard. Works great for every day carry accessibility
-Straight Edge: The flat edge next to the lanyard hole can be used as a straight edge to draw direction lines on a map for course navigation

1x Wire Saw 
The wire saw makes cutting and collecting wood much easier. Cutting poles for a shelter or cutting fire wood goes much faster.

2x Safety Pins
Can be used for securing gear to packs or mending clothing temporarily. Easily converted into an additional fishing hook if needed.

2x Paper Clips
Can be used to replace a broken zipper pull tab, or a key chain.  Also works as a splint to stabilize a finger or toe injury.

1x Detachable Compass
Used for navigation, compasses can easily get you orientated and headed back in the right direction.

1x D-Shaped Carabiner
This carabiner is not rated for climbing. This allows you to clip the survival kit on to a backpack or belt loop. Attach to your food bags to get food up in a tree and off the ground.

30 Feet of Paracord
Easily the most useful item of this entire kit. Paracord can be used for shelter building, shoe laces, the interior strands can be used for a snare, thread or fishing line.

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