214Pcs/Box Carp Tackle Kit

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214Pcs Carp Tackle Kit

Package Includes:

15x Corn

1x Rig Tubing 2M

15x Safety Sleeves

15x Run Rig Rings

15x Run Rig Sleeves

2x Lead Clip Sinkers

10x Heavy Duty Lead

15x Barbed Hooks 4#

1x Hair Rig Boilie Stopper

15x Buffer Bead Sleeves

15x Anti Hangle Sleeves

15x Quick Change Swivels

15x T Anti Tangle Sleeves

20x Fishing Beads: 5mm*

15x Carp Hooks Sleeves

15x Link Swivels Quick Change

15x Matte Black Swives With Ring

1x Black Plastic Organizer

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