Aluminum 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 Solvent Trap / Catch Can

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This catch can/solvent trap is designed to be installed in-line,  taking large debris out of your fluid or air systems. This can help your engine last thousands of miles more than it would have. Included is a cap to use the product as a traditional oil catch can, removing oil from the PCV valve system.

Aluminum construction means it wont rust sitting under the hood. Universal fit means you can use it on your car, tractor or anything that has an engine and uses fluids.

The 5/8-24 and 1/2-28 threads are nearly universal and can easily be converted to any standard oil or NPT fitting. Very easy to take apart for cleaning every other oil change.

Our Solvent Trap Features:

1.Made from 7075 aluminum

2. New spiral pattern element collects more debris.

3. Durable solid core construction.

4. Less parts means less chance of a failure.

5. Takes seconds to disassemble for cleaning during routine oil changes.

Interchange Part Number: Napa 4003/Wix 24003 

Surface Finish:black color Anodizing 

Material: 7075 Aluminum

Thread: 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 

Color:black or silver 

OD 1.358″ Overall Length of 6.0″ 

0.405″ Diameter holes of the internal baffles 

End Cap made from 7075 Aluminum

Package Includes:

1x Aluminum Catch Can For Automotive Use

Please Note:

Instructions not included. Please see a qualified Automotive Repair Facility For Proper Installation.

Our products are shipped from within the United States. These should arrive in less than 14 days. Delays due to shipping or high product demand may cause 2-4 week shipping times. Thank you for understanding. See our Return policy.

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