Bite Alarm Set W/ Hangers

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These bite alarms do not come with a wireless receiver. They are packed with other features for the price though. Variable tone, volume and sensitivity setting make for less false bites on a windy day or fishing faster moving water. Powered by common 9v batteries and comes with hangers that can fit glow sticks for better visibility while night fishing.

Our Bite Alarm Set  Features:

1. Water Resistant design.
2. 2 LED lights for indication.
3. Dropback LED.
4. Including 1 latching LED 20 seconds afterglow.
5. Automatic night LED function.(Turn on/offby pressing “V” for 3 seconds).
6. Special drop back function: Different LED color and sound.
7. Tone control 4 levels.
8. Volume control 5 levels.(Including the “mute” level).(If you want to turn off night LED function,pls press “V” in 3 seconds).
9. Sensibility control 4 levels
10.Plug socket for bite indicator.
11.Battery : 9V 6LR61 ( Not included )

Hanger Set:

1. Stabilizes the fishing line to make the alarm more sensitive.
2. Can be used with glow sticks with a diameter of 4mm or less ( Not included )

Package includes:

Bite Alarm*3pcs Fishing Swinger*3pcs Storage box*1pcs

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