Laser Bore Sight Cartridge - Red Dot

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Easy-to-use, self-contained boresighting  system fits in the chamber of your rifle or  pistol and projects a powerful red laser  beam aligned with the bore axis for sighting  to the point-of-aim without firing a shot.
Works with scopes, holographic red dot  sights, and a variety of sights.
Durable,  machined brass housing looks like a  cartridge case but actually contains the  entire laser system and batteries.
Insert  the batteries and screw the cap on the  housing to turn on the laser; remove the  batteries to turn off.
Insert the entire  assembly into the chamber, gently close the  action, and aim at a target 20-30 yards  away. Adjust windage and elevation of the  scope or sights so point-of-aim is zeroed.


LED Type: Visible Red Laser 
Sighting Range: 10-75 yards 
Dot Size: 1.5″ @ 100 yds 
Laser Beam:<5 mw

Power supply:3 pcs of LR 621 cell batteries
Battery Life When Continuous On: 1 1/2 to 2  Hour
Laser wavelength: 635-655nm
Color: Red
Operation: On/Off End Cap Laser

Package Includes:

1x Laser Bore Sighter

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